Plastic injection tooling and molding.
Multi-cavity molds.
Over-molding molds;2-shot molds
Insert molds; hot runner molds
From design to product; from prototype to production
Unscrewing molds
High Speed CNC, EDM service
High Volume molding service; Assembly service
tooling Golden Mold has state-of-art machines for tooling such as high speed CNC, EDM, Slow wire cutting machines which were purchased from Tai Wan and Japan, we also have 150 ton spot machine for large molds fitting, We are very proud of our success in fabricating both of small precision mold and large molds up to 20tons, Along with automatic 2-shot molds for motor (16+16 cav
Located in Shenzhen, a beautiful city in the south of China, Golden Mold Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional ISO 9001 certified plastic injection mold maker and plastic injection molding manufacturer, Our major business is exporting injection molds and plastic parts, our clients are mos